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  1. Juniperus squamata (flaky juniper or Himalayan juniper; Chinese: 高山柏 gao shan bai) is a species of juniper native to the Himalayas and China, from northeastern Afghanistan east to western Yunnan in southwestern China, and with disjunct populations north to western Gansu and east to Fujian.It grows at 1,600-4,900 m altitude. It represents the provincial tree of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  2. Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri' (Flaky Juniper 'Meyeri') will reach a height of 10m and a spread of 8m after 10-20 years. Suggested uses. Banks and Slopes, Gravel, Ground Cover, Low Maintenance, Resistant to pollution, Rock. Cultivation. Plant in any well-drained soil
  3. ☘️ Jalovec šupinatý 'Meyeri' - Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri' - pohodlně online. Pečlivě balíme a garantujeme OK doručení či výměnu. Výhodná cena od 299 Kč s rychlým doručením a 1000+ odběrnými místy
  4. ated by a slender fine point; margins green on the upper side and.
  5. ☘️ Jalovec šupinatý 'Meyeri Compacta' - Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri Compacta' - pohodlně online. Pečlivě balíme a garantujeme OK doručení či výměnu. Výhodná cena od 299 Kč s rychlým doručením a 1000+ odběrnými místy
  6. 'Meyeri' 'Prostrata' 'Wilsonii' Ve 20. století byl v ČR populárním kultivarem Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri'. Využití. Jako okrasné rostliny pro použití v zahradách je vyšlechtěno více různých odrůd s různými vlastnostmi vzhledu

Juniperus squamata (Jalovec stěsnaný): popis, kultivary, návody na pěstování a množení a prodej Beautiful silver-blue foliage on an upright form of Flaky Juniper. In time will reach 15 feet or more in height. Drought tolerant when established Nabízím jalovec stěsnaný - juniperus squamata \'Meyeri\'. Výška sazenice 130/140cm. Cena 290kč / 1 ks. Pouze osobní odběr. Kvalitní rostliny z Vysočiny., prodám, na prode Juniperus squamata: Description: The juniper tree is commonly known as Himalayan juniper. It is a fast-growing tree, and different varieties are available in a range of needle and trunk shades. The needles become brown in color when they die, and they tend to linger on the tree for an extended period Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri' Add To My Plant List . Meyer Juniper. Meyer Juniper (Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder) Meyer Juniper foliage. Meyer Juniper foliage (Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder) Height: 6 feet. Spread: 4 feet. Sunlight: Hardiness Zone: 4a. Other Names: Singleseed Juniper. Description: A very attractive evergreen shrub.

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  1. Blue Star is a sport of Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri'.The wood is very fragrant when burned and is used as firewood and incense. Lore: This species is also referred to as Singleseed Juniper due to the unique berry-like seed cones produced, each containing just one seed
  2. Juniperus squamata is a member of the turbinate-seed-cone clade of central Asia, which contains about 20 taxa, most of which are high-elevation shrubs of very similar appearance. It shares, with J. morrisonicola and J. tibetica , a sub-clade sister to all the other turbinate-seed-cone taxa (Adams and Schwarzbach 2013a)
  3. El enebro de Meyer (Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri'), en particular, es una antigua variante obtenida en China que tiene ramos de un característico color azul oscuro, como penachos de la hierba. Taxonomía. Juniperus squamata fue descrita por Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don y publicado en A Description of the Genus Pinus 2: 17. 1824
  4. Genus Juniperus can be prostrate or erect, evergreen shrubs or trees with aromatic, scale-like or sharply pointed awl-shaped leaves, and small globose fruits Details 'Blue Carpet' is an evergreen conifer, making a prostrate shrub 2m or more in spread. Foliage needle-like, bright blue-gre

Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri' / Meyer flaky juniper. RECOMMENDED HARDINESS ZONES: 4 (-20 to -30 F / -28.9 to -34.4 C) HORTICULTURAL STATUS: Established TRINOMIAL TYPE: Cultivar GROWTH SIZE: Dwarf: 1 to 6 inches (2.5 - 15 cm) per year / 1 to 5 feet (0.3 - 1.5 m) after 10 years Download QR code image to use on plant tag Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri' has a reasonably open habit, especially when young, revealing it's contrasting tawny-orange bark. This large conifer makes an eye-catching focal point in larger gardens. Grow it as a stand-alone specimen for structure and year round interest, or set it among darker evergreens for a fabulous colour contrast Juniperus squamata Common Name. Blue Juniper. General Information: This juniper is notable for its striking blue-gray foliage. A number of varieties exist, including 'Meyeri', 'Blue Carpet' and 'Blue Star'.Blue Carpet is a prostrate variety that is especially suitable for cascade and semi-cascade styles Blauzederwacholder - Juniperus squamata Meyeri, aufgenommen am 16. Februar 2015 in der Baumschule-Anding.de This cultivar is a sport of Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri.' Problems. No serious insect or disease problems. Junipers are generally susceptible to blights (dieback of stem tips), particularly in unusually rainy/wet springs. Phomopsis twig blight is of particular concern. Cedar-apple and related rust diseases spend part of their life cycle on junipers

Large bush Juniperus squamata Meyeri. Juniper scaly shrub Meyeri at brick wall of country house. There is bell on wall. Summer morning in evergreen garden. - Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stoc Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri'. De hoogte na 10 jaar is 150 cm. Juniperus Squamata Blue Star Juniper Heather Gardens Cedrus Deodara Evergreen Groundcover Scale Insects 10 Tree Soil Layers Ground Cover Plants. Buy Juniperus squamata Blue Star (Juniper Blue Star) in the UK Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star' flaky Juniper 'Blue Star' Buy from £6.99 at the RHS Plants Shop. Buy from £6.99 at the RHS Plants Shop. Get involved. The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK's leading gardening charity. We aim to enrich everyone's life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place

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Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Juniperus, Flaky Juniper, Himalayan Juniper, Single-Seed Juniper (Juniperus squamata) 'Meyeri' supplied by member gardeners in the Pl.. Juniperus squamata meyeri. Styling. Thread starter Freshman100; Start date May 26, 2019; Freshman100 Sapling. Messages 29 Reaction score 8 Location Plymouth, Devon, UK. May 26, 2019 #1 So today I got this Juniper tree for cheap, so I made my second attempt at styling a tree, what do you all think. Any advice welcome Juniperus squamata 'Prostrata' / Prostrate Singleseed Juniper. RECOMMENDED HARDINESS ZONES: 4 (-20 to -30 F / -28.9 to -34.4 C) HORTICULTURAL STATUS: Established ORIGIN: Seedling Selection COLOR: Blue Green TRINOMIAL TYPE: Cultivar GROWTH SHAPE: Prostrate or Ground Covering GROWTH SIZE: Dwarf: 1 to 6 inches (2.5 - 15 cm) per year / 1 to 5 feet (0.3 - 1.5 m) after 10 year Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star' Common Name(s): Blue Star Juniper; Phonetic Spelling jew-NIP-er-us SKWA-ma-tuh Description. This squat plant is a tight rounded to irregular mound evergreen that is seldom damaged by deer. The perennial's remarkable foliage is a steel blue awl-shape with a white band top Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri' Meyer singleseed juniper. All information on this site is copyright protected. Please see our copyright statement. ©202

Juniperus squamata Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don is an accepted name This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Juniperus (family Cupressaceae ). The record derives from WCSP (data supplied on 2012-03-23 ) which reports it as an accepted name (record 377283 ) with original publication details: Descr Jalovec šupinatý (Juniperus squamata) je stálezelený neopadavý jehličnan, keřovitá dřevina nízkého vzrůstu z čeledi cypřišovité (Cupressaceae).Latinské druhové jméno squamata (šupinatý) poukazuje na malé, šupinám podobné jehlice. Je používáno synonymum jalovec stěsnaný Juniperus squamata Plant - Meyeri Originally found in China, this stiking blue variety grows upwardly with arching ends to the branches which creates quite a broad and open shape. Height 50-60cm

Mar 28, 2014 - Explore americanbonsaisociety's photos on Flickr. americanbonsaisociety has uploaded 162 photos to Flickr Všechny informace o produktu Květina Jalovec šupinatý 'Meyeri' - Juniperus squamata Meyeri, porovnání cen z internetových obchodů, hodnocení a recenze Jalovec šupinatý 'Meyeri' - Juniperus squamata Meyeri

Jalovec 'Meyeri' (Juniperus squamata) je klasický druh jehličnanu s barevnými prvky. Jehličí této rostliny je šedomodré. Příjemné zpestření uprostřed zahradní zeleně! Tato mrazuvzdorná rostlina si zachovává barvu po celý rok. Jalovec můžete zasadit kdykoliv v roce, pokud nejsou teploty pod bodem mrazu Apr 1, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Gabriela. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Jalovec šupinatý Meyerův - Juniperus squamata Meyeri - jak je vidět ze snímku, roste jako stromek. Tento na snímku je asi 25 roků starý. Nesnáší, stejně jako ostatní kultivary tohoto druhu, vápenité půdy Formowanie(cięcie) Jałowca łuskowatego 'Meyeri'.pruning Juniper squamata 'Meyeri'

Juniperus squamata is a perennial woody evergreen member of the Juniperus genus in the family Cupressaceae Large bush Juniperus squamata Meyeri. Texture of Juniperus squamata Meyeri leaves. Small blue and green needles on vertical branches. Summer morning in evergreen garden. Nature concept for design. - Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stoc Juniperus squamata prostrata is a low growing, prostrate conifer with needles of light green foliage borne on overlapping sprays to form a dense mat-like groundcover. The needles turn a bronze/purple in winter (cold climates only), otherwise its an all year round dense groundcover that provides foliage interest, texture and shape Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri', Blauzeder-Wacholder. Geschätzte Versand. Kurier nach Plovdiv €2.64 Kurier in Bulgarien €2.64. DPD Kurier nach EU Zone beginnt ab €15.91. DPD Kurier nach EU Zone beginnt ab €18.73. DPD Kurier nach EU Zone beginnt ab €25.53

Blue Star Juniper. Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star' is an immensely popular juniper, discovered in Holland as a witch's broom on J.s. 'Meyeri' and introduced in 1964, deserves its reputation as a winning garden selection.It has sharp, blue, densely arranged needles, filling short branches that suggest the tips on a many-point star, and a usable form that slowly spreads becoming broader. Juniperus squamata 'Meyer', SINIKATAJA KASVUVYÖHYKE: I KOKO: Korkeus: 1-2 m, Leveys 1 m ISTUTUSTIHEYS: 1m VALOISUUS VAATIMUS: aurinko, puolivarjo KUVAUS. Himalajankataja on temperaattisen, lievästi mereisen ilmaston laji, minkä vuoksi se menestyy parhaiten meren äärellä eteläisessä Suomessa. Himalajankatajan lajikkeita, joilla on siniharmaat neulaset, kutsutaan sinikatajiksi. 'Meyeri. Category: Juniperus squamata. Attractive sparkling blue foliage on dense, spreading branches. Creates a colorful contrast to purple and green foliage plants. Use in a rock garden or as a low border plant. Ideal for mass plantings in minimal-care landscapes. Pot Size (gallons), Height: #3 Juniperus communis ´Hibernica´ - Jalovec obecný: Juniperus communis ´Gold Machangel´ - Jalovec obecný: Juniperus squamata ´Blue Star´ - jalovec šupinatý: Juniperus scopulorum ´Skyrocet´ - jalovec skalní: Juniperus squamata ´Meyeri´ - jalovec šupinatý: Picea abies ´Barryi´ - Smrk ztepilý: Picea abies ´Formánek ´ - Smrk. Jałowiec łuskowy / Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri' Krzaczasta odmiana o średniej sile wzrostu, zwykle z kilkoma głównymi pędami. Osiąga w wieku 10 lat wys. 1 m i szer. ok 0,7. Pedy główne ustawione skośnie, z lekko przewieszonymi końcami. Igły gęsto osadzone, srebrzystoniebieskie. Wymaga dość żyznych i wilgotnych gleb

Juniperus squamata 'Meyeri' Name deutsch: Blauzeder-Wacholder : Merken ab 11,50 € * Produktdetails. in das kostenlose Angebot. Juniperus virginiana 'Canaertii' / Säulenförmiger Zypressen-Wacholder

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DJ-BONSAI: Juniperus Squamata Meyeri - 'New Year, New Tree'Blauzeder-Wacholder Meyeri - Juniperus squamata MeyeriJuniperus squamata 'Meyeri', Ялівець лускатий 'МеєріМожжевельник Мейери: купить саженцы хвойных растений недорогоstandards of excellence: Juniperus chinensis 'blue point'Juniperus nadel
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