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Demographic statistics by NUTS 1 region. The 12 NUTS regions of the United Kingdom are listed below. Population numbers are for mid-2019, and areas are in square kilometers. Data is from the Office for National Statistics. NUTS 1 region Population Area (km2) East Midlands: 4,835,928: 15,623 East of England: 6,236,072 The NUTS 2021 classification, that will be valid for data transmissions to Eurostat from 1 January 2021, lists 104 regions at NUTS 1, 283 regions at NUTS 2 and 1345 regions at NUTS 3 level.. The current NUTS 2016 classification is valid from 1 January 2018 and lists 104 regions at NUTS 1, 281 regions at NUTS 2 and 1348 regions at NUTS 3 level.. The NUTS classification (Nomenclature of.

Statistical regions for EU candidate and EFTA countries. The current status of Statistical Regions is as follows: NUTS 2 Candidate countries and potential candidate CZ-NUTS je označení normalizované klasifikace územních celků v Česku pro potřeby Eurostatu a ČSÚ.. Zapadá do širší klasifikace NUTS (Nomenclature d'unités territoriales statistiques / Nomenclature of Units for Territorial Statistics, Nomenklatura územních statistických jednotek) Evroé unie. Kraje v Česku kvůli značným rozdílům velikosti odpovídají úrovni NUTS 3 NUTS neboli Nomenklatura územních statistických jednotek, (zkratka z francouzského Nomenclature des Unites Territoriales Statistiques, nebo anglického Nomenclature of Units for Territorial Statistics) jsou územní celky vytvořené pro statistické účely Eurostatu (statistický úřad Evroé unie) pro porovnání a analýzu ekonomických ukazatelů, statistické monitorování. Download this table Table 1: Growth in real gross value added, productivity hours and labour productivity by NUTS1 region, 2010 to 2017 .xls .csv Figure 2 shows the relative labour productivity performance of the 12 NUTS1 regions relative to the UK average for 2017 1. Relationship of NUTS areas to UK administrative geographies Within the UK, Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) areas / local administrative units (LAUs) are determined as shown in the tables below

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NUTS II jsou územní statistické jednotky, tzv. regiony. V České republice existuje 8 regionů soudržnosti - tj. 8 územních jednotek na úrovni NUTS II. Jsou to tyto: 1. Praha - území hlavního města Prahy 2. Střední Čechy - Středočeský kraj 3. Jihozápad - Plzeňský, Jihočeský kraj 4. Severozápad - Karlovarský, Ústecký kraj 5 In the Documents directory in the zip file, there are some supporting documents, including at least one that can convert from the E05xxxxxx number to a region name. In fact, the file named LAU216_LAU116_NUTS315_NUTS215_NUTS115_UK_LU.txt contains the conversion from E05009695 to UKF16 as well as the region name. - Phylogenesis Apr 11 '17 at 7:3 NUTS1 (the highest level) covers the whole of Scotland. NUTS2 (one level below NUTS1) divides Scotland into four regions which are Highlands and Islands, North East, South Western and Eastern Scotland. NUTS2 areas must have boundaries that align to existing administrative units (in Scotland this is council areas). There is however an exemption.

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The headline estimate is the Ensemble estimator that is presented visually in the above region-by-region graphs. Region Brexit-vote cost Ensemble estimate Other estimates in £million; NUTS1 Name £million in % £ per capita Lower Upper Permutations AAPE RMSE MAPE; UKC: North East-1597.23-2.96-608.57-2024.75-1173.02-1651.04-545.33-1836.88-1010. For Scottish NUTS areas, the NUTS 1 region covers the whole of Scotland, whereas NUTS 2 subdivides Scotland into 4 regions, and NUTS 3 to 23 regions. Above NUTS 1 is the 'national' level of the EU Member State - the United Kingdom. For Local Administrative Units (LAU) there are currently 41 units at LAU level 1 and 1,222 at level 2 GDHI local authority by NUTS 1 region: UKG West Midlands: components of GDHI per head of population at current basic prices GDHI local authority by NUTS 1 region: UKG West Midlands: components of GDHI per head as indices local authority by NUTS1 region 1997.00 1998.00 1999.00 2000.00 2001.00 2002.00 2003.00 2004.00 2005.00 2006.00 2007.00. performance at the NUTS1 level 2. The region with the highest level of productivity is London, where productivity is around 40% above the UK average, while the region with the lowest level of productivity is Wales, where productivity is 18% below the national average. UK average productivity is skewed by the high performance of London In 2002, in many parts of Scotland, the unemployment rate was below the average of 5.8% observed in the NUTS1 region. There are wide variations within Scotland. Unemployment is lowest in and around Aberdeenshire and in the Shetland Islands, which are both areas associated with North Sea oil development

Disposable income of households (ENS95) by region (NUTS1-3) and transaction item. Year 1995 - 2011 [2013-12-12] Regional Gross Domestic Product (GDPR), number of employed and compensation of employees (ENS95) by region (NUTS1-3) and activity SNI2007. Year 2000 - 2011 [2013-12-12 Figure 18: Regional variation of relative monthly minimum wages, by NUTS1 region, 2016 Figure 19: Examples of countries with higher interregional differences in the proportion of minimum wage workers Research carried out prior to the UK's withdrawal from the European Union on 31 January 2020, and published subsequently, may include data. Re: UK Nuts1 Regions Map from .CSV - Conversion Issues Wed May 20, 2020 12:02 pm Thank you for pointers/refs but perhaps you could elaborate on the key issues in 1 EU Regional Dataset The QoG EU Regional dataset is a dataset consisting of more than 300 variables covering three levels of European regions - Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS): NUTS0 (country), NUTS1(major socio-economic regions) and NUTS2 (basic regions for the application of regional policies)

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  1. the most ethnically diverse region was London, where 40.2% of residents identified as belonging to either the Asian, Black, Mixed or Other ethnic group the North East (93.6%) and Wales (93.2%) were the regions with the highest percentages of the population from the White British group - London (44.9%) was the region with the lowest, followed.
  2. gham 7,8% UKH East of England.
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  4. Region Poludniowy Nuts1 Nuts Unit Level 1. Relationships and changes; Boundary map; Relationships and changes; Click on the hyperlinks for direct access to key graphs and tables
  5. ONS NUTS1 42: 12 regions, made up of nine statistical regions in England, plus the nations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. North East: ONS NUTS2 41: 41 regions, all sub-divisions of NUTS1 areas
  6. Region: ONS Code: East Midlands: E12000004: East of England: E12000006: London: E12000007: North East: E12000001: North West: E12000002: South East: E12000008: South Wes

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  1. ed by the ratio of the projection to the sample size
  2. gham UKH East of England Cambridge UKI London London UKJ South-East Oxford UKK South-West.
  3. region stát geografický (makro)region analytické rozbory ekonomických ukazatelů LAU - místní samosprávné jednotky. Obr. 1: Evroská Unie na úrovni NUTS1.
  4. istrative units ad

The differences with the Eurostat NUTS classification concern Belgium, Greece and the Netherlands where the NUTS 2 level correspond to the OECD TL3 and Germany where the NUTS1 corresponds to the OECD TL2 and the OECD TL3 corresponds to 97 spatial planning regions (Groups of Kreise) Blog. Nov. 21, 2020. What is visual communication and why it matters; Nov. 20, 2020. Gratitude in the workplace: How gratitude can improve your well-being and relationship Boundary Map of Region Wschodni Nuts1. Base layer: Show boundary: If the boundaries of the Nuts Unit Level 1 changed over time, this map will show all the different boundaries. How to reference this page: GB Historical GIS / University of Portsmouth, Region. OECD.Stat enables users to search for and extract data from across OECD's many databases

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In England, the region with the highest population was the South East at approximately 9.18 million people, followed by the London region which had around 8.96 million people The allocation to location represents the individual's address registered on their Self-Assessment return 2. 12,000 of the potentially eligible population could not be allocated to a NUTS1 region Český statistický úřad používá soubory cookie, aby mohl své webové stránky lépe přizpůsobit potřebám uživatelů. Prostřednictvím nastavení prohlížeče souhlasíte s jejich ukládáním na vašem počítači, tabletu nebo chytrém telefonu

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  1. National GDP data is continually revised until the region's GDP is revised only once a year. Coherence - sub annual and annual statistics: Regional GDP data are coherent between NUTS0, NUTS1, NUTS2 and NUTS3 levels. Coherence - National Accounts: Regional GDP data are coherent between NUTS0, NUTS1, NUTS2 and NUTS3 levels. Coherence - interna
  2. Guidance about the 9 European programmes overseen by MHCLG in which the UK takes part that promote cooperation and economic development across member states
  3. The regional level in our analyses is the NUTS1 level. This implies that France consists of 8 regions, Italy 11, Germany 11 (former eastern regions excluded), Spain 7, The Netherlands 4, Belgium 3 and the UK 10 (including Scotland, excluding Northern Ireland)

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Children by region (NUTS1): Mediterranea 441B 95.4 40.7 420 Children by region (NUTS1): Northeast An 128B 96.9 42.4 124 Children by region (NUTS1): Southeast An 533B 96.8 2.2 17.6 317 51632.2 Children by region (NUTS1): West Anatoli 345B 96.7 27.7 334 Children by region (NUTS1): West Black S 172B 97.0 33.5 16 Interface Web Service, OGC Web Map Service 1.3.0 Keywords infoMapAccessService, Units eXtended, administrative unit, administrative boundary, NUTS region Fees none Access constraints none Supported languages No INSPIRE Extended Capabilities (including service language support) given Information on the environment for those involved in developing, adopting, implementing and evaluating environmental policy, and also the general publi The population of all European NUTS-1 regions generally lies between 3 and 7 million inhabitants - though there are exceptions to this rule, particularly in smaller EU states (e.g. Luxemburg, Cyprus, Estonia), where the NUTS-0 region (Member State) often also represents the NUTS-1 and sometimes even NUTS-2 level There are three levels o Nomenclatur o Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) defined. This category refers tae regions belangin tae the first level (NUTS 1, an aa kent as NUTS I), which is lairgely uised bi Eurostat an ither European Union bodies.. Subcategeries. This categerie haes the follaein 17 subcategeries, oot o 17 awthegither

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  1. In addition, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg, and Malta are included at the country level, as in these countries, NUTS 1 and NUTS 2 levels are identical to the country territory. The RIS accompanies the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS), which assesses performance of national innovation systems
  2. Download Regional gross value added (balanced) by industry: local authorities by NUTS1 region: UKD North West in xlsx format xlsx (1.2 MB) Previous versions of this data are available. UKE Yorkshire and The Humber
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  4. istration. In April 1994, the John Major
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I have generated an egen variable based on the region classification NUTS1 (european country regions, given as a string in the data) with the following command: sort nuts1 by nuts1: gen region = 1 if _n== Reverted to version as of 12:13, 29 April 2010 - flase map, in 2015 not onlu HR was added to NUTS, but also some NUTS 1 regions were changed 09:43, 12 September 2015 609 × 600 (2.73 MB Click on each region to view current estimates (live population clock), historical data, list of subregions and countries within the region, and projected figures. Below you will also find what the population for each region was in 1950 and what it will be (as estimated) in 2050. # Region Population (2020) Yearly Change Net Change Densit

Several NUTS-1 regions are also classified as NUTS-2 regions such as Brussels-Capital or Ile-de-France. Many countries are only classified as a single NUTS-1 and a single NUTS-2 region such as Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg and (although over 3 million inhabitants) Denmark. Euro-indicators News release (PDF). June 2005 inflation dat LINKS TO UK GEO-SPATIAL DATA The following links are to sources of geo-spatial data and is intended for the use of researchers who cannot afford to buy expensive datasets Home > Maps > NUTS 1 regions in the Nordic region in 2015 Map Facts This map shows the NUTS 1 level regions in the Nordic countries, according to the pan-European classification system Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) Finland was a grand duchy of the Russian Empire in 1900, enjoying a good measure of autonomy. It declared its independence on 1917-07-20. During World War II, Finland and the Soviet Union fought each other Region Map Generator is a tool to make region map with self-definition color. The original maps in the software are blank political region ones for different countries or areas. You can color any region with whatever color as you like. By this software, you can easily make lively statistical maps

NUTS1 region where more domestic goods enter the region than leave it. The West Midlands is a large 'hub' area for warehouses and distribution centres. As . a result, it is expected to see that the net flow of good is close to zero, as what enters will then leave later in the supply chain. Ai Reading Time: 3 minutes About a month ago, I started a collection of TopoJSON map files in response to a request on the Power BI Community forum.TopoJSON is D3's preferred format, which is why Power BI users have suddenly found themselves learning more about it after the Shape Map was released

Daniel Kihlström Kihlström limped the small blind and ImTheNuts1 raised it to 4.2M. Kihlström called, to see on the flop, and Kihlström check-called for 4.2M. They both checked the. In 2018, Dame Sally Davies, then Chief Medical Officer, called for an official index on England's health. Her aim was to ensure that health is recognised and treated as one of our nation's primary assetsalongside GDP and the Measuring National Well-being programme

Andrey drupa-lucker Chernokoz raised under the gun to 4M, and ImTheNuts1 shoved the big blind for just over 40M. It was kings for Chernokoz against ace-king, and the kings held to leave. We mostly use regions at Nomenclature of Units for Territorial Statistics 1 (NUTS1) level, but use regions at NUTS2 level for those countries where NUTS1 regions are too large compared to other countries (for more details see Table 1). Regions at NUTS1 level are much more similar in size than EU countries are, thus making the comparison across. (5 replies) Has there been any discussion about allowing template funcs to accept a region? For example, I would like to write a func that performs syntax highlighting (server-side, while all existing solutions are in javascript): {{/* A sample template */}} A description of my ExampleFunc function and an example of its usage: {{prettify go}} func ExampleFunc() { } {{end}} For that.

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NUTS 1. NUTS 2. NUTS 3. IE IE0. IRELAND IE04 Northern and Western IE041 Border. IE042 West. IE05 Southern IE051 Mid-West. IE052 South-East. IE053 South-West. IE06 Eastern and Midland IE061 Dublin. IE062 Mid-East. IE063 Midland. IEZ. EXTRA-REGIO NUTS 1 IEZZ Extra-Regio NUTS 2 IEZZZ Extra-Regio NUTS A region itself is defined as a part of the Earth's surface with one or many similar characteristics that make it unique from other areas. Regional geography studies the specific unique characteristics of places related to their culture, economy, topography, climate, politics and environmental factors such as their different species of flora.

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regions, counties, districts | a piece of Hungary for youCategory:Government regions of Germany – Wikimedia CommonsFile:Italian NUTS1 CentralSouth Italy Facts for Kids
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